Making a start

As all things start, my journey to begin with the quest for knowledge!! I and Louise wanted to know if what we were planning to do had ever been implemented before. Finding such a thing would accelerate our work, giving us a foundation to begin on. We rifled through a great many books, parchments and […]

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Revealing the target

Before I tell you what am doing, you should understand what I am working on. What IS Gazebo? Well, Gazebo is a robot simluator. Whenever you design a robot, you need to to check it’s behaviour with other objects and its surrounding environment. That is exactly what a simulator helps you do! You can program […]

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Selection and Kick-Off

It took me 5 solved issues to feel confident enough to start on the application form. Meanwhile, the email thread with my mentor, Louise, had grown to be the biggest ever in my inbox. All this while, I never much thought about the selection so as not to raise my hopes much. So it was […]

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Quashing my first Bug

I have always heard my seniors and batchmates talking about GSoC. But there was hardly a mention of¬†Outreachy. But one fine day, my fellow friends, mentioned this program, and honestly I am quite grateful to them. There is a lot to talk about my application process, but before I start babbling about that, let me […]

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Hello Peeps! I simply love to write and I have got my very own set of poems published online on PoetrySoup and even a half completed book on Wattpad. But a blog? No, this is definetely the first. Thanks to my internship at Outreachy¬†that I have now begun to document my experiences. This blog reveals […]

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