Making a start

As all things start, my journey to begin with the quest for knowledge!!

I and Louise wanted to know if what we were planning to do had ever been implemented before. Finding such a thing would accelerate our work, giving us a foundation to begin on.

We rifled through a great many books, parchments and yellowed scrolls, reading for days and at nights under the little glow of a kerosene lamp.

Just kidding! Obviously, we Googled ๐Ÿ˜›

We went through documentations of different software checking out their features. Googled for ways to play around with meshes. We found various softwares which had already implemented features to ease the complexity of meshes, but not quite what we wanted. We came upon sites planning to do something similar to what we wanted but later branching off or ending in tedious calculations.

So we decided to start small, step by step, hoping for things to clear up. Firstly Louise thought it to be a good idea to visualize how are dialog box would look like.

For me, it felt like a catch-22. Figuring out the dialog box required the knowledge of how our mesh-conversion worked. But on the other hand, having the dialog box ready would give an easier idea of how to proceed with the functions.

But then we very well may start with the dialog box. And that’s what we did. I tried to scribble down various drawings. But only one finally looked good to me so I tried to code it into the system. Ugh! It looked bad out there! So I had no option but to scrap it. Getting fed up with gui, we thought it was best to start with the visuals.

What was the simplest thing there? Simply creating a bounding box, a box which encompasses the model, fitting perfectly around it. It sounded quite easy to me! (IT. WAS. NOT!)

Finally, I had to ask Louise to give me a few steps to start with which she happily agreed to. As I read the steps and begin working, it turned out to be great fun! There was actually a built-in function to get the dimensions of a visual’s bounding box! Learning new libraries led to an added excitement to my simple C++ coding.

But no, there was still some problem and though, the week neared ending, I still couldn’t produce a perfect bounding box ๐Ÿ˜ฆ And so I emailed Louise asking for further advice. But being in a different time schedule helped, forcing me to think more on the problem before Louise could reply. Lo behold! It did wonders as I finally came upon the right solution for the recurring errors and I was done successfully with my first task!

It was a very happy and excited two-line email that I fired off to Louise to report my accomplishment ๐Ÿ˜€

Before I sign off from this blog post I would love to share a screen-video of that task ๐Ÿ™‚

Bounding box

Enjoy! Sayonara!




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